Meditation Vibes, the Saga is Still Happening

It has been exactly two weeks now since I started meditating. According to Morgan, the most notable change in my disposition has occurred in my sleepiness. I am now twice as sleepy as I was before. However, this could also be from the little pup we just got that has been keeping me up at night. Most likely I have seen no change in disposition, however, I have felt changes in the way I take on stress. I can also say that due to meditation I have also acquired these things…

Advanced efficacy, particularly in areas of blogging and working on custom projects for clients. I am not sure if this is an element of the placebo effect, regardless I am getting shit done and that’s exciting. Despite that, I have a puppy at home taking all of my love and attention.

Stress retention has lessened. I definitely feel that due to meditation I have handled stress and pressure sensitive situations with a lot more ease and ability to let go of things I cannot control—especially when this plays into people’s perceptions of me.

I have also had a few challenges along with meditation. Particularly when trying to find a quiet place to hang out during the day, because of the way my day is broken up I have found it particularly challenging to set aside a space or area of the house or work where I can just be alone for twenty minutes. Eventually, something happens and distracts me or calls my attention and I jump from meditation mode to work mode rather quickly. The hardest part is really just pushing myself out of work mode so I can sit down and shut up for twenty minutes twice a day.

The most laughable moments during meditation. Potentially all of the awkward times people interrupt you as your sitting eyes closed and you have to ask them to wait because you’re meditating.

My most enlightened moment happens the moment when I come out of meditation and feel like I have just taken a great nap and didn’t wake up still feeling exhausted.

I have also had some upsetting moments, particularly when I fall asleep during meditation and end up waking up later frustrated that I lost focus. Another upsetting moment is when I just can’t seem to quiet down my mind and am so excited about something else that I end up quitting midway through.

What I hope to get from meditation is the ability to allow myself to rest and recharge twice a day. I feel like it would help me better serve others if I take the time to sit, reflect and silence everything else around me. Most of the time I feel so frantic, constantly running around in different directions with the focus of a goldfish. This might just give me the perfect life skill to just shut down and refresh before and after my day.

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