Just Reading About the Goop Wellness Summit Changed My Life

The other day I was watching a Buzzfeed video featuring Gwyneth Paltrow (Goop) and Jessica Alba (The Honest Company) interviewing one another on lifestyle and what not.

Paltrow was talking working out and how she met her trainer after just having had her son 10 months prior, and was unable to lose the last bit of weight post pregnancy and was really ‘demoralizing’. She goes on to say, “I really, really don’t want to do this. Like, I can’t. I don’t want to.”

Her trainer, who remains unnamed although any GP devotee knows she’s talking about Tracy Anderson, says, “Stop giving yourself that option. Do you say to yourself, ‘I don’t want to brush my teeth?’ You just brush them. You are just doing this.”

I honestly had never thought about working out or anything that way when it comes to health and wellness. Although I didn’t have the exact epiphany GP did that caused her to workout like a beast, over the next couple of days I continued to remind myself of these words every time I made a decision about my health or personal wellness. Is it really an option?

Along with this video, Gwyneth also during the month of June, had a health and wellness summit uniquely titled In Goop Health. In Culver City, GP welcomed a little over 600 Goopies from across the country and to learn about health and wellness, the Goop way. Although I personally did not attend this summit, I would have literally died and gone to heaven, I did read about it through the plethora of articles online. Some bashing, some praising, all the while I sat and read in awe about all of the interesting techniques and trials GP recommends.

The articles laced with matcha lattes, Moon Juice tonics, and collagen-spiked martinis, I realized once again that I did not want to take my personal wellness for granted. June was all about confidence, but as for July, the goal will be to clean house, not just in what I’m eating but overall how I am living and how those decisions affect the world around me.

So as for July get ready to cleanse. I’m going to purge, explore and really find what makes me feel good and whole.

I mean this isn’t totally insane? I feel like most people go through sessions of cleansing, detoxing, what have you. In many ways I know that I have been at this place before. Setting myself up for this insane task of going through some sort of fad. During my middle and high school years, I was a vegetarian, I studied Kabbalah and Buddhism for a short while, went full throttle Christian when I was in college, and have always pushed myself to live life in a well-rounded way.

And where most people might say that all of those moments in my life were fads or hype, I know personally I was honestly exploring for the betterment of myself. Those were moments that have helped shape my life, and have still encouraged me to continue to search and learn AND explore. No matter how short-lived.

I am really rooting for this month of cleansing because I feel now more than ever before I am sort of “coming into one’s own”, as they say. In fact, the whole process of this blog and my business has been about trial and error, exploration and an unreserved curiosity about so many different things.

So I guess now I’ll do the standard blogger thing by asking you to join in. It always feels nice to have someone, anyone standing by your side, regardless of the level of commitment. If you’d like to join me on this month-long cleansing journey I’d greatly appreciate it. Like moving me to tears appreciation. And if not, that’s cool too, you do you, I’m gonna do me.

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