What’s With This Whole Morning Routine Situation?

It seems like every blog I visit, every YouTube channel I watch, every random Instagram I stalk has someone talking about their morning routine. No matter what, I can’t escape the morning routine of a million different people.

This is something I necessarily never needed to know, but have become obsessed reading about. All of a sudden I am lying in bed reconsidering how I should start my morning, from starting off with coffee to possibly skipping the coffee and heading straight to the gym. It seems as though every article I’ve read speaks of the importance of setting the tone for your day, and all I can think about is how I could possibly ever decide to do so many of those things each morning.

A nighttime routine I understand.

I have one, in fact, and try to keep it religiously because if not I won’t fall asleep as quickly as I do.

However, mornings are a completely different story. I’m groggy, tired, irritable and can barely remember to put on deodorant in the morning, let alone head to yoga, walk the dog, make breakfast, meditate, read a book, join a cult, and read the paper.

But, this week, I thought I would try something different. This week I would intentionally change the way I started my morning. From waking up at the same time, regardless of how late I go to bed, regularly eating breakfast. A task that seems so simple to some people, but for me oft goes forgotten.

So lovelies, I’d like to ask you. What is your morning routine? Is there something I should be trying? Do you have any tips or tricks that can make my morning more pleasant? What about breakfast choices, any fan faves? Let me know by messaging me directly at info@tovawild.com, or commenting below.

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