I.S.O. Rug Dealer

I.S.O. In Search Of

So Cleo Wade, outspoken artist, speaker, poet, and author, has a rug dealer. Yes, you read that incorrectly, I didn’t type out “drug dealer,” I typed “rug dealer.”

Cleo Wade, powerful woman, inspiring activist, artist and creator that inspires positivity and champions artist to step into their own creativity and humanity has a rug dealer—and to be quite honest, I need his number because beautiful rugs are so hard to come by these days.

In all honesty, Cleo Wade takes the term apartment to a whole other level. The eclectic abode on the East Village is visually interesting and takes the term “working-from-home” to a whole new level—one that I can appreciate and apply. Below I have outlined my discoveries about Cleo Wade and her apartment.

Discovery #1

She has a rug dealer who deals her rugs in her rug dealers apartment hallway. I know I have stated this several times but again, When? Where? Who? And how can I get in contact with him? Why is unnecessary.

Discovery #2

Curtains. Curtains. Curtains. They add drama, they hide clutter, and they cover your windows. I not only love how she layers them, I love how they accent and tie each space together color wise.

Discovery #3

Everything leads into a siesta. Aforementioned in the video, making the bed helps remove the need to take a siesta.

Discovery #4

Rituals or Spiritual centers are a must. I love to have someplace to pray and just reflect. I like how she has a set up little area for her things.


Discovery #5

Assigned spaces for assigned things. I’m not sure if I need to go into this more?

Discovery #6

Wallpapered walls even in dark colors are beautiful and effortless. I felt like despite the room being small it felt like a wonderland that continued on. Alice would be lost for days.


Discovery #7

Ratan Throne and floating end table. I mean do I really need to say more?


That’s all folks. I’m sure there is MUCH more to learn from Cleo Wade and her apartment of mysticism and mystery.

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