Stop Using Plastic, Told Through Mean Girls Quotes

is That Even Possible? I don’t know.

July of last year, I bought a book called Zero Waste: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Waste by Bea Johnson, the sort of founder of the Zero Waste movement. Throughout July I kept thinking to myself, this is going to be the thing that motivates my life, zero waste is going to become my passion, this is going to be the thing that changes my life. I became so hell-bent on figuring out how I could incorporate zero waste living into my life that all I could talk about was zero waste. Like a convert-to-religion, I became zealous for zero waste and environmental issues.

But it didn’t stick. By the end of the month, I had already forgotten and gone out to eat a burger from In-n-Out, thus creating waste, thus ruining my cleanse. The cycle continued for months and every time I threw out the trash the immediate guilt and shame would fill my mind. As I would walk to our garbage bins I would think about all of the things I was throwing away that would end up in a landfill. They would live somewhere that I couldn’t see decomposing there for 500 years, or more. The trash would live there for years releasing methane into the sky, polluting our soil, and destroying our water.

Finally, in January, a wake-up call rang in my head. Stop creating so much waste! You can do something right where you are! Immediately after the thought came into my mind, doubt entered, does it even matter? 

The answer is yes. Every single thing you do matters, no matter how little or how large, every decision matters.

So here is what all of the zero waster’s don’t tell you, it is difficult. It will get easier, but initially, it is difficult. You will make mistakes, you will most likely forget at times, you might not get into the swing of things for a couple of weeks or months, but eventually, it will be easier.

At moments you might feel like this is unnecessary, and you aren’t actually making an environmental impact, but you are. You are refusing to live within the construct of what society deems as normal and are creating change within yourself and others, despite what you see.

If you are wanting to start creating less waste in your life, start by refusing to use plastic. It is the “big one” as far as reducing waste goes, but it is the most impactful.

Living without plastic for 15 days now has really shown me how plastic is everywhere, but it has also shown me how unnecessary it is, below is a comprehensive list of all the ways to start using less plastic.

1. Can I get you guys anything? Some snacks? A Stainless Steel Water Bottle? Let me know! Oh, God love ya. You girls keep me young!

Obvi start carrying a stainless steel water bottle, not a plastic one, even if its BPA free (that shit doesn’t mean anything).

2. “It’s a Reusable Bag, Duh!”

Just look at all of the beautiful ways you can start carrying your groceries and clothing and everything else you purchase.

3. “Stop Trying to Make Straws Happen, It’s Not Going to Happen!”

Just stop using them, on average Americans waste 500 million tons of straws a day.  They are literally from the Devil. Get over your germaphobia, and if you can’t then buy a stainless steel one.

4. “Coffee Cups are Off-Limits to Friends, that’s Just, Like, the Rules of Feminism.”

Even though coffee cups, a majority of the time, are made from paper, the lids are not. Use ceramic and just imagine all of the comments that will be flooding your Instagram after you take a picture of your morning coffee.


5. “I don’t hate you ‘cause your smoke. You smoke ‘cause I hate you!”

It’s bad for your lungs, why would it be good for the environment?

6. “On Wednesdays, we Bring Reusable Containers.”

Well, maybe just bring them with you everytime you go out to eat. Or, order less food, so you don’t need to bring it home anyway.

7. “You Smell Like You Used Plastic Wrap.”

Say no to plastic wrap, cling wrap, whatever you wanna call it. Instead, say yes to beeswax paper, it’s washable, reusable, and compostable.


8. “My Nana Uses Bamboo Utensils When She is Drunk.” “Your Nana and I have that in Common.”

That’s right ya’ll, bamboo utensils are so fetch. Get them, use them, reuse them, and stop throwing away, purchasing, and using plastic utensils.


Now go forth and shop lovelies, and also leave some comments down below some tips and tricks to the trade of not using plastic. Until next time…

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    1. Thank you for working towards a zero waste lifestyle! There are so many great resources out there, I just hope TovaWild can be a fun voice championing some change. Let me know if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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