WWB: The Fracking Trump Administration Is At It Again

Let me start off by saying that I am a huge Trump supporter…okay—okay, I can’t lie, I’m totally bs-ing you, but so many of you are and because I am so tired of getting emails and Facebook messages from you regarding my salvation and whether or not I am going to end up in hell for my lack of support for the current president, I have decided to combat the anxiety you give me by giving you a dose of reality, aka, my Wednesday Weekly Breakdown. This is my time to share with you a running list of all of the ways the Trump administration is literally destroying the environment. Think of it as a wake-up call, or another way to keep track of all of this bullshit so one day when he is not in office, and we end up with destroyed coastal cities due to sea levels rising, toxic air surrounding cities, and everything else that is happening environmentally, we can all thank and blame you for voting for him.

Man, I am snarky today.

Anway…the most recent proposal of the Trump administration is *drumroll please*


February 12, 2018 

Basically, the Trump administration is proposing in their FY2019 Budget and addendum, is a major financial rollback to U.S. programs designed to study and reduce the effects of climate change, and research regarding renewable energy. Despite the fact that Congress has previously ignored these proposed cuts, it continuously shows the priorities of the Trump administrations lack of interest in environmental issues.

This addendum seeks to not only reduce the funding but cut off existing programs that help to mitigate the effects of climate change and study issues like air pollution, human health risks and water pollution within the U.S.

Instead, the Trump Administration wants to fund fossil fuels like the coal industry, mineral mining, oil drilling, fracking, and other environmentally toxic programs.

Sounds like a good plan right? *I say rolling my eyes whilst clearly writing in a sarcastic tone.* 


One way that you can take a stand and help the scientists and communities that are working on these programs to help study and mitigate climate change is by supporting the Union of Concerned Scientists. They provide all of these unique tools, lessons, and even guides at understanding what is going on in the scientific community regarding climate change.

Union of Concerned Scientists


You can simply try to live your life with greater concern for things like food waste, living plastic free, and reducing your environmental footprint. There are so many resources, blogs, publications and companies that are working on the ground to raise awareness and provide resources to individuals like you, who care and don’t want to sit passively while these decisions are made for us.


You can educate yourself on your representatives in your state and in Congress. This year is an election year for Congress and now is the time to start learning all you can so when the time comes to vote you can.

*If you are looking for a current list regarding all of the things the Trump administration has been doing environmentally, feel free to check it out the real professionals at National Geographic, Michael Greshko, Laura Parker, and Brian Clark Howard, who are reporting on the environmental impact the Trump administration has had since he stepped in office.*

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