Love Handles, S1 E2: Social Media and Apathy

Do They Go Hand In Hand?

This week’s monologue was inspired by the recent shooting that took place in Parkland, Florida, and covers how social media, although helpful in getting the message out there, seems to make us fall short in spurring us to take action.

Although I am very aware that there are a myriad of reputable and much further-educated opinions, i.e., anything from Pod Saves America, my hope is that what you take away is more or less an emotional response, or a naive take that there are people actually working towards changing the narrative, and they should be recognized.

Of course, please engage, interact, and share your concerns or moments that you enjoy and let me know if you know any movers and shakers doing large or small things in their community to make a change. I would love to hear about them and share their story to encourage others to take action. This—all of this—is for you, and me, and everyone who wants to listen and band together and hopefully make the world a better place.

From one idealistic idealist to the other, without further adieu, Love Handles, Season 1 Episode 2.


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