WWB: First They Came for the Minorities…

and I Did Not Speak Out—Because I Was Not A Minority.

Then They Came For the Poor, and I Did Not Speak Out—Because I Was Not Poor.

For whatever reason, the environment always seems to take the back burner when undoubtedly it should be at the forefront of our minds. Maybe it is due to the fact that so many of us are concerned with issues like gun control, race, LGBT issues, and gender equality, it is hard to remember that the earth is slowly dying and constantly affected by our negative decisions. I know—I know, how that sounds, but in without the earth taken care of, none of those issues can be resolved because there will be nowhere to resolve them.

So, in my feeble attempt at getting the environment back on your main burner, and possibly harness my inner Emma González, with the heat up to eight, here is my Wednesday Weekly Breakdown. This week I will be addressing a huge issue that is impacting children, minorities and the poor.

If you are looking for a current list regarding all of the things the Trump administration has been doing environmentally, feel free to check out the real professionals at National Geographic, Michael Greshko, Laura Parker, and Brian Clark Howard, who are reporting on the environmental impact the Trump administration has had since he stepped in office.


February 26, 2018

The Trump Administration is looking to remove research and funding on health and environmental disparities affecting minorities and the poor. The program National Center for Environmental Research (NCER) organized by the EPA, works towards research and grant-making for the Science to Achieve Results (STAR), who gives direct funding to the Children’s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Centers.

The Children’s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Centers examine the effects of pollution and environmental issues on children’s health. Without these centers, minorities and the poor will be the ones directly affected.

Previously in the FY2019 budget report, the Trump Administration called for the elimination of STAR entirely.

Liz Bowman, a spokesperson for the EPA, states that ‘the move to remove these organizations is to make the EPA more efficient.’

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