Better Late Then Never, Your April Tovascopes Are Here!

It’s that time of the month again, that’s right, Tovascope time.

April is by far one of my favorite months to month around with, primarily because that is when everything seems to be waking up here in California. The sun gets a little sunnier, the water is just a little bluer, and I just created an unintentional rhyme scheme. Call it my inner Aquarius rising screaming from the depths of my soul.

Actually, it’s probably more or less my Mercury in Sagittarius prancing around.

I digress.

Let’ begin.



Hey Aries, what’s going on? It looks like its time for the spotlight to shine brightly on you and you are soaking it up! Happy Birthday!

This month looks like it is definitely going to be good and mentally productive—there is still a planetary retrograde happening until the 15th so just be mindful of that before you charge headfirst into any big plans. Take this time to think, to prepare, to plan, and to dream, it will be really helpful and take your goals to the next level when the retrograde ends.

The theme this month might be more of a push-pull scenario for you as your independent sign runs right into Capricorn for a duel. You are craving autonomy, spontaneity, and adventure while Capricorn pushes back with deadlines, systems, and clear objectives, leaving you a little volcanic—by that I mean, watch your temper. Take the time to look inward before you begin your act, this planetary pushback might make you aware of your own blind spots.

By the end of the month, you’ll be craving intimacy, sensuality, and exploration on all fronts. Single? Explore. Taken? Commit.

Either way, it will be a good decision.



You definitely march to your own drum Taurus, as the rest of the signs spring forward, you seem to set your clocks back. You are in desperate need of some rest and relaxation. Take this time to prepare for your season next month. You have been carrying a lot on your shoulders for a while, so this is the perfect time to process through those difficult emotions.

This could even be a great time to travel or visit home. Nostalgia is definitely driving you this month and should even inspire you to push forward on those big plans and dreams of yours.

By the 19th your fog will lift, and it will be time to enter into Taurus time. Be prepared for socializing, but watch out for any relationships that might be a drain on your mind and wallet. Steer clear, and move right along.



I love you Gemini for your cat like tendencies of “come here, now go away,” but other people might not enjoy it this month—and it seems like your mixed messages might be creating a somewhat toxic environment for others. Time to step up to the plate and be upfront with what you want.

Don’t commit to anything this month unless it can be a resounding ‘yes!’ If you do, you might have to uncross some tangled wires because mercury is still in retrograde.

This month is going to have you leaning in and listening to maybe one or two people in your life who understand you. This could provide a somewhat spiritual or emotional breakthrough for you as you enter into the next season.



While everyone else is dancing around stargazing you are working hard Cancer. It looks like April is going to shower you with professional opportunities that can ramp up your long-term goals and public image. Hang up the “Do Not Disturb” sign and hunker down to be distraction free so you can get things done.

This will allow you to be well equipped when its time to present your plans to the world, which will most likely happen mid-month.

However, this month is running hot and cold, so as much as you will feel prepared to go forward. Mind the brakes. As much as you want to make headway in work, love, etc., stay cautious and keep your eyes open, things could get intense.



The goal for the month Leo, #HealthyHedonism. Take a lesson from someone who willingly leaps blindly into situations, play it safe this month, on all fronts. Block out some decent alone time in order for you to make plans, dream, and ensure you have all the tools you need in your toolbox before you do anything. As much as it is for everyone else, this month is all about finding a middle ground.

Around the 15th you are going to be taking the time to invest in the healthy side of your hedonistic ways and indulge in a new work out program or even make a diet change. There are no cutting corners this month so lean into the structure and enjoy the benefits it will have on your body, mind, and soul.



You seem to be running through a field of flowers at the start of this month Virgo, but as soon as others are aware, you stop. Welcome to the dance of April. You suddenly are craving privacy and intimacy. While this will be beneficial for you emotionally, it might make you aware of everything going on with others and awaken your inner sponge.

This could look like a newfound psychic awakening, but instead of embracing it, shield your field. Put up the blockade around yourself and don’t allow others to attach to you emotionally. This could cause your own personal energy stocks to plummit, instead venture for some solitude or friends who can help uplift you.

By the second half of April, you will be appreciating all of the alone time you took and ready to launch forward on goals and plans for the future.



Aw Libra, this month might look a little challenging for you because you are entering into the planetary clusterfuck of opposing signs, Aries and Capricorn. There is a lot of activity going around and it could be a lot for you to navigate all at once. As difficult as it is for your people loving sign, you need to set limits and boundaries.

Finding balance is something your sign needs. If something or someone in your life is taking too much, reassess.

Mercury changes on the 15th and could land you toe to toe with your spiritual soul sister. This pairing could be the perfect situation for you to launch a long-held business plan or vision for your future. Finally, things are looking a little more positive.



One step forward, two steps back, eventually Scorpio you will find a nice balance. Your visions and dreams are on their way to becoming a viable opportunity as you have spent the time actively planning.

Take care of all of the nuts and bolts of your plans and be prepared for their launch by the 15th. You have been sort of a loudspeaker of opinions and information for a while now, and while that is definitely a positive thing, as soon as you step forward after the mid-month planetary shift you put your head back down and plan some more.

This is your balancing act, and you are doing it well. Keep up the steady pace, and listen to your spiritual side for a change.



The heat is on for you Sagittarius and as much as you love to follow your heart, mind the practical side of things. Remind yourself that every task requires the time, knowledge, and preparation, in order for it to turn out just as you imagine.

This might make you feel a little caged in and in turn, make you take on too many things all at once. Take care of your health and stress levels this month because you might be prone to some meltdowns and don’t give in to FOMO.

You will find pleasure in discipline as soon as the 19th arrives. Thank Taurus for that.



You have been battling with Aries for attention this month, and that’s is all due to the planetary line up happening between your two ruling planets. Do you want autonomy? Do you want intimacy? You will oscillate between high productivity and craving rest, and others are definitely sensing this. This could be a perfect time to tune into your vision and identity of how you want your future to look.

This inward reflection will help you on all accounts but might stir up some frustration in your relationships. Watch out for heated discussions or full-blown arguments between loved ones as communication is in retrograde until the 19th.

Solo-adventures are going to be your escape all month long. On the 29th teamwork is your mantra, allowing an interesting pairing to take place and push your mission forward.



You are dipping and diving from the public scene to alone time, and this oscillation is your forté. You love the challenge between the two and instead of committing to your usual “do not disturb” mode you settle into simply choosing your events a little more carefully.

Hold back on signing any contracts or getting into anything that binds you to anyone, with mercury in retrograde communication could get confusing. Make sure everyone is on the same page before you shout things into the universe.

This is also the perfect time to look inward Aquarius. Take the time to study, learn, and explore spirituality and things that will stimulate your mind.

By the end of the month, the dance will end and you will be craving home, family, and friendship.



As much as you are a dreamer Pisces, you might actually be living on two different time grids this month. Your dualistic sign is embracing you fish mode this month and flip-flopping from one thing to the other so quickly no one can keep up.

The first half of the month is set up perfectly for reflection on your career and long-term goals. Do you love your work? If it doesn’t feel meaningful then it might not be for you. Do you operate from a sense of abundance or scarcity? Now is the time to find out and correct any false narratives about your career and your life that you have accepted.

Once the 19th begins the fog will lift and you will know exactly where you stand—for the moment that is.

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