Spring Trends You Can Find at Every Thrift Store

To the Barefoot Contessa, the word ‘elevate’ always means adding lobster to a meal—if you don’t happen to be Ina Garten, the task of elevation isn’t always meal based, but the majority of the time it relates to clothing, more specifically, how to elevate your clothing? Even more specific than that, how to elevate your thrift store clothing? i.e. the occasional men’s blazer, bomber jacket, denim, etc.

Flea markets, thrift stores, and vintage shops have never been my forté. I’ve gone shopping with friends who absolutely love them and can find almost any piece that perfectly suits their wardrobe, and yet, every. single. time. I find myself sniffing the coat I bought for weeks, with furrowed brows, and apprehension to embracing the Macklemoreesque gamble of wearing it.

Yet, despite my brand new clothing complex, I find myself remaining ever hopeful to wear preowned clothes in new and interesting ways. Below are some tips from friends, professionals, and even myself on updating those thrift-store-finds for spring, when transitional clothing and transitional weather become one.

TIP #1: Athleisure Doesn’t Always Mean Casual

Numerous Californians collapse into head-to-toe athleisure, no matter what the weather looks like. Despite it remaining fairly casual, there are few great ways to elevate athleisure without compromising comfort, like the vintage black blazer or a pleated trouser.

You can find an endless amount of these at practically every thrift store. Another easy way to elevate your athleisure is to elevate your shoes, stick with a nice heal, or dress shoe and pair it down with some Adidas joggers.

Tip #4: The Princess Diana

I mean, need I say more?

If I do, then the tip is oversized sweatshirts, blazers, classic trainers, and cowboy boots. All of which you can find at every single g-dang thrift store on the planet.

Tip #3: The Teacher Blazer

I have two of these sitting in my closet right now. This to me screams perfect for Spring and transitional into Fall. Pair it with a skirt, culottes, frayed jeans, leggings, a sequin gown, whatever you want really.

If you have some sewing experience you can always add a fur from another coat to the cuff of a matching blazer for a sophisticated look.

Tip #4: Jean Jackets as Tops

The convenience of this tip is that it eliminates another layer you have to wear. Meaning, your getting ready morning routine just got a whole lot simpler. The trick here is wearing an undershirt or a bra. If not, well, let’s just not think about that.

The other positive to this look is that most likely you already have a jean jacket. If not, thrift stores are oozing with them. A nice way to pair this is to go for the entire jean look, or adding a more formal skirt or pant to go high-low. You feel me?

Do you have any spring trends you can elevate from the thrift store? Leave some comments down below, or DM me a pic, I’d love to see some new creative ways to explore pre-owned fashion.

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