Sitting in Shit

I read an article recently that said a train full of human shit was on its way from New York to Alabama and once it arrived the smell got so bad that they ended up moving it away. I know—I know, how that sounds, like some crazy shit, but it is completely true. Apparently, according to recent studies that state of New York has estimated that they send roughly 265 tons of processed shadoobie to out-of-state landfills, regularly. The apparent need to for this is due to the increasing amount of trash piling up in landfills currently, and according to the state, the landfills may be completely full by 2029.

However, this report doesn’t just show studies for the Northeast, it also shows reports that by 2021, we will approximately have 15 years remaining until landfills across the country reach maximum capacity—meaning we will literally be sitting in our own shit. This time-frame change is in part, due to recent laws in China banning foreign recyclables from being processed in their facilities, causing America to keep 676,000 metric tons of waste.

If none of this is making sense, it seriously means that we are on our way to a trash reckoning—which could be a good thing, because we haven’t dealt with the fact that our society is completely unsustainable. Or we might end up just digging more holes and piling up more shit in them, hopefully, its the first option.

That’s all.


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