Love Handles, S1 E12: The Subject of Personal Style

Welcome back to Thursdays with Love Handles. I know this month is all about change, but lately, everything seems to float in the air, instead of progressing forward—meaning “Change Month” is a bust.

In actuality, I guess the greatest way to embrace change is to just allow things to progress naturally, and embrace the chaos, rather than try and control it. Such sentiments actually fit perfectly with the theme of today’s episode.

Personal style! How do you get it? How do you know when you’ve achieved your personal style? In the apparent post-trend era that galvanizes the cues of individuals rather than the collective grandeur that is, the fashion industry, how do we execute personal style?

I tried something different for this episode and wrote it out before I spoke it, and then practiced it 87 times to ensure that I didn’t sound like I was reading off of a teleprompter. If I do sound like I am reading off of a teleprompter, I apologize in advance.

Without further adieu, Love Handles, S1 E12: The Subject of Personal Style. Please go forth and subscribe on iTunes and leave me a five-star rating, along with a slew of comments and personal anecdotes to this subject.

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