Love Handles, S1E13: Agent of Change, Finale

When I started the Love Handles podcast, I unintentionally labeled them seasonally, as in, at a certain point, the podcast would end to pick up again for another season later. The thing with setting things up seasonally is it allows for pauses, and moments to clarify, create, expand and breathe new life into something, which is exactly why this season one is coming to a close.

For a time, Love Handles was a way for me to sort of explore creatively in something that I had no relative experience doing. AND, while that was fun for a time, I feel a need to reassess what the purpose and direction for Love Handles are, in order to continue to create content that is insightful and meaningful to you, as well as myself.

So, springtime Love Handles has come to an end, but stay tuned, summer is just around the corner and with all of the margaritas you’ll be drinking, I’m sure your Love Handles will be back and just as beautiful as before.

This episode is recapping the progress made over the month of May and continuing to roll with the changes that life gives you. In this instance, my lesson was brought to me by Ellen Degenerous and Ali Wong.

Without further adieu, Love Handles, Season 1 Episode 13, Agent of Change, Finale. Like, Comment, Subscribe and stay tuned for the summer edition of Love Handles.

If you are interested in being on Love Handles or have a story to share, contact us below!



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