Organize Your Life By the Stars

The thing with trying to be organized in order to be productive is that the majority of the time anyone actually tries to be organized, usually end up less productive because they are too busy looking up ways to be organized. Just me?

I think starting Organization Month my goal was to also get my life organized, but at the same time to be more productive, but with the slew of internet hacks supposedly helping, it sometimes can feel impossible to decide which ones are the best and where to start. Which is why, whenever I feel this way, I turn to the celestial bodies that be, astrology. And while that might seem counterintuitive, there is something so sweet about hearing exactly what I want to hear and blaming all lack of productivity on my birth month that is so satisfying.

Aries, You Need to Have A Set Goal and A Clear Plan of Attack

Because you are a naturally ambitious and independent sign, you don’t actually need a ton of external structure in order to manage your day-to-day. You often are able to see the direct correlation between completing tasks and the long-term benefits, but often, organizing those tasks is what stumbles you.

The best way to get around this is to organized and be productive is to sit down and brainstorm new ideas and then visualize the workflow that goes accordingly. The Kanban Method is a great way to help you complete tasks and maintain structure without giving you burnout.

I’m Pretty Sure the Inventor of the Bullet Journal is a Taurus

You are naturally self-sufficient, organized, driven, and work well in almost any space you are in. You are naturally drawn to deadlines, routines, and tasks which is why being organized and being productive naturally suits you.

No seriously, you are extremely task-driven, which is why the Bullet Journal approach might be the best solution for you. That, or the Ivy Lee Method.

There is also a case for you to use singing or vocalization to help clear some headspace and relieve stress because Taurus rules the throat. If you are looking to clear your thoughts and find out what is important to you, maybe consider verbalizing a colleague or friend who offers sound advice. This could be just the trick to keep you relaxed and able to prioritize what you need to. Food for thought.

Untitled_Artwork 4

Revert Back to Yesteryear, Gemini

The most important thing for you to do if you are looking to get your life organized and productive is to scale back the distractions. As an air sign, you are a relentless thinker and often find it extremely difficult to be productive. The best tasks for you to get your life organized are probably reverting back to things that people used to do before the internet existed.

Writing down your tasks on sticky notes, keeping a journal, written down calendars, and maybe disabling your computer and phone for a little bit. Also, consider building social breaks throughout the day for five to ten minutes at a time and working on 20-minute schedules like the Pomodoro method. These short time frames of working will help you remain interested in what you are doing while breaking up your routine so you don’t get bored.

Cancer is the King/Queen of Comfort, So Tackle the Difficult Stuff First

We know, your to-do list sucks. Your boss is an asshole. And you aren’t the most organized person because somehow it feels too sterile for you. But you need to get over that and just do the worst things first. This is a time-tested method that has worked for so many people because it literally means that you get to get the shitty stuff and enjoy the rest of your tasks throughout your day.

More often than not, this will be a little difficult for you, but if it means that you get to enjoy the rest of your day doing tasks that stimulate you emotionally and intellectually than isn’t it worth it, Cancer?

When it comes to getting organized, consider taking a less-is-more approach and find items that will help to create your life more comfortable. If that means that your calendar needs to be beautifully decorated, then do it. If that means that you only write work things in purple pen, then write away. You get the picture.

Remember Stars and Demerits, Leo?

This might seem childish, but Leo, you are known for being a fountain of youth, so this might actually work for you. Consider doing things that make you feel better and energized. If that’s working out before you work, do it. If it means sitting in the sun for 15 minutes to break up the monotony of an office, take that break. Consider giving yourself small rewards throughout your day in order to motivate you to push forward productively.

A small piece of chocolate at the end of the day, or a mini shopping spree at the end of a productive work month. Rewards like this that are off in the future but something you can set your sights to will help you reason with being productive. Even small rewards throughout your day will help. Every time you mess up or don’t stay organized or productive, consider giving yourself a demerit. A reward system is a way to fluff your ego, while also making you get your shit together.

Musts, Shoulds, Coulds, Wants, and Virgo’s Oh My!

Like, Taurus, you are known to be the residential organized junkie of the zodiac signs. You love lists, patterns, tasks, and methods that are complex and interesting and make you feel accomplished. BUT, unlike Taurus, you are a perfectionist with a capital ‘P.’

Due to this, you often have a hard time getting things done. You want them to be perfect. You want your goals to be completed from start to finish before you begin another project, but unfortunately, that means that you’re not always so productive. Consider implementing the Moscow Method, this will allow you to create a series of lists that you can prioritize throughout your day. It will also help your mind stay organized and clutter free so you can easily jump through things and remember what takes precedence.

Also, consider downtime. Virgo’s rarely get a chance to consider themselves as their analytical minds often consider everyone else, so remember to take time for yourself. Take a walk, meditate, or catch up on an episode of your favorite TV shows, just remember to set a timer so you can jump back to work effortlessly.

TBH, Libra, You’re Kind of Glued to Your Phone

which means you aren’t necessarily super productive. Notifications are the number one killer for Libras because you love social interaction. Turn it off. Put it away. Don’t pick it up until you have finished your task. That being said, put on some headphones as well as some sunglasses.

Because your sign is so social anything can pull you away from your tasks and workflow. You need to be able to balance (as platitudinous as that sounds) your work life, social life, and personal life. A great method to consider is the Eisenhower Method, you simply place four categories visually and prioritize between most and least important tasks you need to get done in a day.

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Procrastination FTW, Scorpio

I know—I know, how this sounds, but in all honesty, you are the king/queen of procrastination, and that’s mainly due to your innate ability to handle any type of crisis. A sense of urgency might help you execute your best and most efficient work because too much time makes you menial.

Another trick might be making every situation a competition. Either with yourself or someone else, challenge every situation and drive to get them finished before anyone else. This sort of challenge will drive you to hack your workflow and give you extra time to do the tasks that are most important to you. Other than those two things, you are pretty good naturally at taking care of the things you need to. You are ruthlessly cluttering free, and are able to naturally assess situations and prioritize what is most important.

Wide Open Space and Big Pictures for the Half Horse Sagittarius

As boring as another post about how much Sagittarius love freedom filled environments, it’s true. You work best in flexible and carefree environments that have untraditional work hours or office policies. But, as someone who often loves the work-from-home-life getting menial tasks done is often really difficult for you. Consider setting some boundaries and learning the Action Method that will help you break your tasks into actionable timed steps.

Another way to achieve better time management is to consider vision boards. I know they are corny, and as a Sagittarius, I personally loathe them, BUT I have found them extremely helpful. Visualizing long-term goals and even short-term ones on a wall or board has helped as a reminder of why I am doing the tasks I am doing. The dirty details come naturally to you, but often are draining, so the big picture needs to be your focus so you stay motivated.

Fixed, Focused, and Financially Secure Are Capricorns Favorite ‘F’ Words

No, but seriously. You are committed. Fixed routines and separation between work and home is something that you love and need. The only issue that you have with productivity is possibly social media. As much as you love all of the aspects of it, getting caught up staring at Instagram photos of #girlbosses isn’t going to make you one.

Setting routines and finding structure throughout your day is the best way for you to get through your tasks, and it might be better to just disconnect those apps from your device entirely. Other than that, you keep doing you, cos’ whatever you are doing, it’s totally working.

Did You Forget What You Were Doing Again Aquarius?

As intellectual and big picture as you are, your mind can often get the better of you. By that, I mean, take some time to write down your dreams, goals, and tasks, otherwise, you will get so thrown off by all of the things that you can accomplish, that you won’t actually get anything done.

Does that sound familiar?

SMART Systems where you write down big ideas and create roadmaps towards measurable outcomes will make all of you dreams become a reality. Also, consider categorizing thought and ideas. This will help you when you need to look back at those notes and figure out what is actually necessary and what is totally a pipedream.

Pisces, You Need to Learn to Say ‘No!’

Seriously, you are imaginative, creative, open-hearted and full of ingenuity, but you get trampled on way too much, and this can get in the way of all of those great things. Being a sign that is naturally empathetic, you often consider the other, rather than yourself, but at a certain point, boundaries need to be implemented.

Practice saying ‘no’ to others, that way you can check more items off of your own to-do list. Honestly, this is the biggest battle you will need to overcome in order to make the most of your time and effort.


No matter what your zodiac sign, learning to be productive is likely going to be a lifelong battle. Whether you’re a workaholic or a serial procrastinator, though, there’s always something you can do a little bit better to get the job done. There’s no one right answer for anyone, but at least you can use your zodiac sign to have an idea of where to start.

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