I’ve Created a Summer Playlist

Summer is more than a day in the calendar year, it is a state of mind—it’s a feeling that overtakes you and fills you with warmth, joy, and sunlight. So, in lieu of summer being here and I’ve decided to come up with quarterly playlists to put you in the mood for the season.

Music is intrinsically apart of me and usually informs my mood, that being said, I pick my songs very wisely. Sometimes it’s okay to allow music to amplify what you are feeling because it can cause you to experience your own emotions deeply, and sometimes it can cause you to enter a well that you can’t seem to get out of.

That being, said, listen wisely, carefully and hopefully the playlists allow you to experience a range of emotions that take you on a journey. Hopefully, they make you feel a lot of different things and encourage you to explore music a little more freely.

But, it’s really not that serious.

For those of you with Apple Music


…and for those of you with Spotify

4 thoughts on “I’ve Created a Summer Playlist

  1. bloom, dance to this and honey?! i love this playlist quite similar to my music taste! have you heard animal by troye sivan yet? i would seriously recommend it it’s such a pretty song.


      1. same i love troye. well my spotify user is @tarinibengani and i have a few playlists on there, i’ve also made a few blog posts about songs i like if you’d want to check it out!

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