Confessions of An Over-Sharer

I have decided to start a lifestyle site dedicated to exploring holistic living through a lens of sustainability that encompasses ecological, economic, political and cultural aspects of life, which makes me:

A complete over-sharer.

A seasoned opinion giver.

Well, it should make me more of a conscious human being.

So then why did I decide to go barhopping and drink three glasses of wine on a Wednesday?


My blog started in a somewhat organic fashion—basically, I needed a way to catalog my freelance work, engage with an online community about similar topics, and rant. At the time of its creation, my Modus Operandi was simply creating a site focused on interior design, along with some humorous anecdotes, helpful tips, and a peppering of various topics that coalesced with the political climate. What I didn’t realize, was that the more that I stepped into freelance work, the more questions I began to ask about my role in the world and if interior design or freelance consulting were even things that I wanted to do. At the same time, almost every client, in some way or another, would ask questions about my personal life. How did I live? Where do I shop? What type of meditation do you do? Do you teach yoga?

The more questions that came in, the more I started realizing that I wasn’t just decorating someones home, I was cultivating a life—that’s when I realized that style is sort of the universal language that has the power to connect us. It’s so much more than the home we live in, or the clothes we wear. It starts with an inward expression of oneself to an outward expression. Most of the things in my life have balanced between this dichotomy, what was I doing to cultivate an active inner life, and how was that playing externally?

I mean, when you think about it, it’s so much more than style. It’s also how we give back, and how we share, and how we communicate with one another. They are all external expressions of an inner life.

Tova and Wild came somewhere out of that dialogue, but now, I feel more than ever, it’s important for me to cultivate a space that questions lifestyle topics ethically and holistically. Considering all parts of a person is so imperative to a lifestyle site because it factors in all of the aspects that connect us. We’re all human. We want basic things like love and beauty, and to feel beautiful. We want good friends and partners and sisters and brothers. We want to know that our food is ethically made and doesn’t harm life or the environment. We want to know our shoes aren’t made by underpaid women in China. We want race and gender equality. We want to have furniture that isn’t toxic to our children or ourselves. We want to feel fulfilled by the work we do and by the way we spend our money. We want to know that we’re intellectual and good human beings. We want to laugh. We want to listen and share stories that are real and exploratory.

And at the same time, we know that sometimes we fuck up.

Sometimes we choose the wrong thing. Sometimes we buy cheap products that are made in an unethical way. Sometimes we contribute to plastic pollution because it’s just so much easier to order a cold brew at Starbucks than making one at home, or god forbid remembering to bring your own bottle in.

Sometimes we need a little help in the process and a guidepost in the right direction collectively.

BUT despite all of those things, most of all, we just want to find our place in the world, and if it helps another person to find their place as well, then it’s even better.

And at the same time, have fun while doing it.

I found my place in the world somewhat unintentionally, and at the same time, am still building it. I sort of hope that TW inspires you to create your own series of accidents that lead you to be a more whole, fulfilled, conscious human being. I hope that it reminds you that we all make mistakes, and we all mess up, and we all are on this journey together, and every time you read a story you feel less alone on your journey, and more connected to a friendship that is working towards the same goals with you.


The next day, I woke up, went for a walk, did some yoga, and meditated for 20 minutes. That night I wrote out Tova and Wild’s mission statement, organized a plan for the blog, and felt encouraged to step into this wonderful journey collectively.

Will you join me in fighting, loving, answering, and questioning everything?

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