Feeling Stuck & Unmotivated, What the ‘F’ Do I Do?

Some mornings I will wake up, motivated to get the ball rolling and find myself hours later caught in a tidal wave of doubt, distraction, and indifference to my lack of motivation. Working from home lends itself to all sorts of weird conundrums that most people don’t have to deal with because they have the confines of an office or someone higher up looking over their shoulder judging their decisions, but for those of us who have the lucky misfortune of working from home, our own success or failure, is directly related to our own effort.

Don’t get me wrong, in moments, it is completely empowering. I can feel so motivated, and watch myself be productive, and get things done that I haven’t given the time of day in a long time—but every once in a while, there comes a moment when distraction seeps in and doubt becomes all too comfortable. In these moments, I have often sought the guidance of the stars and have checked in, on more than one occasion, with how things are going astrologically, in a means to curb my distraction and find motivation, and maybe an excuse. It has worked a few times, BUT, most of the time, it reiterates the fact that I am already distracted and now I’ve noticed that it also pacifies my distraction, rather than resolves it, and allows me to blame the starts for my lack of motivation, rather than my own self will.

That’s right, I use the Astro Twins daily horoscopes on Elle.com, to be complicit in my lack of focus, in fact, they give me an excuse to continue to be distracted.

I know—I know, that sounds insanely stupid, and lazy AF, but what else are daily horoscopes for if not for telling you things you already know and making excuses for the things you don’t want to change?

With us well into the Purpose Issue, I thought it would be wise to try and find some solutions, astrologically speaking, to distraction, and motivation. As in, what ways can each zodiac sign refocus and reprioritize their lives to motivate themselves to be and do better.


You know how they say that leaders are supposed to be the greatest servants and at the and of the day that is their motivation? Yeah, that’s not the case for Aries. Your motivation to be successful and lead is simply the fact that you hate being told what to do, and deeply long to tell others what to do. Keep that in mind the next time you get stuck.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it doesn’t just end there for you Taurus. You like diamonds, and luxury, and material things that are nice and soft and wonderful, and, and, and—the list could go on and on. Just remember that hard work pays off. The next time you’re feeling stuck, remember, money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you really comfy loafers.


If you get bored Gemini, the task is simple, switch it up. Get out of your head, move, and then pick up where you left off.


People motivate you Cancer. You love caring for others and making sure that they are nurtured, protected, and loved. When you’re at work and feeling stuck, remember that it is the lives you can change that keep you doing what you do.


A lot of what motivates you, Leo, is being respected and well-liked by your peers. Which, can be challenging when you’re just starting out, or virtually undiscovered. Keep in mind that you are worth it and that whatever crazy hair-brained idea that you have to change the world is possible and will be well received.


Order—Order is what helps Virgo stay motivated. I know, like why can’t we all be as methodical as you? But when things are neatly packaged, organized, and clear, you will be buzzing away at all of your projects effortlessly.


Libra’s are a sign that likes to work with others. They enjoy community, partnerships, and relationships that can develop further than shallow acquaintances. If you’re feeling stuck, reach out to your friends and seek counsel, they’ll keep you honest and motivated for sure.


Not much keeps you feeling unmotivated, Scorpio. You’re quite capable of motivating yourself day in and day out, only sometimes you falter, and that’s usually because you’ve become no longer interested with what you’re doing. Remind yourself to dig deeper, there is always more to uncover.


Sag, my sign, my lover, my friend. How do we stay motivated? You probably already know? But rarely, if ever do you seek it out. Talking. Talking helps motivate us. The more we let out verbally the better we can stir ourselves to continue on the path we’re on. Reach out to a friend, get a sounding board, and then cultivate what you want to. I mean, after all, isn’t that why you do what you do?


Plans are the motivating and driving force behind a Capricorn. The more you plan out, the better it will be. When you’re feeling stuck, go back to that plan, if it’s changed course since the last time you looked at, then rebuild and rebrand. You can always move forward, but you can’t go back.


You’re all about the cause, man. You’re like the inner hippie intellectual child of the zodiac sign. Get yourself motivated by reading the mission statement, watching videos, and reading about ways to better help others. Give yourself over to the cause. That’s all.


Weirdly enough, the one thing that you need, Pisces, in order to remotivate yourself and get your ish together, is a good old fashion cleaning session. Clean your house, clean your energy, redecorate or organize, and then all of a sudden you’ll want to incorporate those same aspects into your work life. BTW, would you mind coming over to my place if you’re ever feeling stuck, my tub could use regrouting.

That’s all folks. Go forth. Be productive. Live life to the best of your ability. In the meantime, I’ll just be over here trying to make friends with my barista in a means to unpack my issues and remotivate myself to get back to work. Or I’ll just stay distracted, I digress.

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