The Friendship Issue

Hi ppl! How’s it going? Will you be my friend? No. That’s okay, I understand. Either way, I’m going to make October  Friendship Month because all my fake friends can ‘f’ off, it’s time to make way for the real ones in your life. The ride or dies, the go big or go home type of ppl that make you smile, laugh, and bring out the best version of yourself. I don’t know about you, but October seems like the perfect time to celebrate your friendships in a glorified, over-hyped, month-long kind of way—you know, because it’s Libra season, and they’re the sign all about partnerships and what not.

If you’ve been working on self-maintaining for so-damn-long and you feel like you have somehow been caught up in your own universe that you forgot to care for the ones around you, then this month is for you, and this month is a really, really, really, (really), good time to call your BFF. It’s time to celebrate the crispness of fall with friendship, togetherness, and getting off of your so-called island, and joining hands with your sisters and brothers in solidarity. Ya-ya! Sorry, that all felt a little Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, which btw, is the perfect movie for Friendship Month—although another good one would be a rewatching of the whole Harry Potter Series, it’s very, friendship forward. BUT, don’t worry, I won’t make this month so literal, we’ll still talk about the things that matter like why the eff is the White House is limiting the scope of the investigation into that dumb-ass Brett Kavanaugh, and of course the environment, and sustainability, and other healthy things that matter that fall in line with the general ethos of Tova & Wild. (AND if you have any ideas, or would like to write for TW this month, please share them in the comments below or click on our Contribute page!!!!! I love working together, and I also really love my friends!!!!)


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