Here Are the Top 6 Stories on Tova & Wild This October

A poem for the month of October, because I couldn’t come up with a better way to describe The Friendship Issue other than through the means of poetry.

Hot and cold, rainy and crisp, the cool leaves prance on the ground kissing each stone as they pass along. October is for you and me, for lovers and bees. Drew met new friends and old ones, some who taught lessons and voted on no-guns. He started with stars but landed in cheese, and then he made a savory Bahn Mi.


That’s it! For the real poets out there, please excuse this measly attempt, but feel free to meet me in the comments for more poetry and maybe don’t make me feel verklempt.

Leopard Print

1. Leopard Print: Flashy? Or Trashy? – Good Style

“For most of my life, my opinion on the print has been associated with a longing to be viewed as subtle, collegiate, and even J. Crew inspired, yet, since the start of 2016 my opinion on the print has changed and culminated into absolute worship.”

Slow Roasted Beets Shit
2. Slow Roasted Beets w/ Herb Ricotta & Pistachio Lemon Vinagerette – Good Food

“Typically, I am very picky with beets, because they are super tricky to peel and stain everything, but in this case, I decided to give it a try and incorporate my own version on it. Below is the recipe with all of the ingredients and process I used, but of course, you can always watch the one Violette and Sophia made, cos’ I’m sure it’s to die for.”

Wine and Cheese

3. A Case Against Cheese – Good Food

“I realized as I was getting my coffee today that every single time I do I ask for a little room at the top, a feature I never would have used early in my days of drinking coffee, but one that I have adopted as of recent, in lieu of the acidity of coffee and the way creamer perfectly neutralizes it, yet, I never actually get cream. I usually opt for almond or oat milk and have been known to leave the aforementioned coffee shop if they do not meet the dairy-free requirements of my life.”


4. I Don’t Want to Subscribe to Instant Gratification Anymore – Goodness

“The other process that I think gets extremely overlooked is the moment we press publish. As soon as we do it, we know that we are relinquishing control and stepping into a bit of the unknown. Will someone read our words? Does anyone care? What if they hate it, or worse, what if they like it? What happens if I didn’t edit it properly?”

Woman's Best Friend

5. How Does One Make Friends As An Adult? – Good Vibes

“One scenario more familiar than the other where months go by and our friendship that started off like fireworks fizzles into zero to little contact because of work, due dates, and pending engagements. So what’s one to do? Do we simply settle in the cliche tropes that plague us and every other relationship we have, or do we constantly bombard the newfound friend until you’ve exhausted them mercilessly?”

Solange on Black

6. Solange Is My Best Friend, Even If We Aren’t IRL – Good Style

“I’m sure there are other reasons for constituting her as my unofficial official BFF, but right now I am literally shaking in my boots because just the other day on IG she subtly released a statement via T Magazine on the release of her new album and partially because it is 43 degrees here in Austin, Texas.”


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