The Giving Issue

Every introduction to the month usually starts with either a story or anecdote introducing the theme, to which, I proclaim proudly, the need and desire, to keep said theme—what proceeds is usually a combination of both striving and lazily meandering through the subject matter. Part of the time, the reason for this dissonance is because of a lack of focus, but, more often than not, the reasoning is due to blatant disorganization.

I have made attempts, in the past, to rectify this character flaw by keeping a bullet journal, dedicating a whole month to getting organized, and sought out the help of friends to do so, however, each attempt has failed. The bullet journal is now lost, organization month back in June was potentially the most unorganized I could have been, and as for the friend who was supposed to assist me in keeping things together, well, that didn’t really work out—not the friendship—obviously.

Note: Make more organized friends.

Regardless, you might be thinking that this post is announcing that November is going to be Organization Month Part Deu, well you would be incorrect. It’s not. As of November 1, 2018, I will be focusing the entire month on giving back, in an effort to take thanks(give)ing literally. All month long Tova & Wild will be focused on volunteering, being active in your community, protesting when necessary, and hopefully, meeting and working with people that are trying to make the world a better place.

In lieu of the shooting that just happened this past weekend at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, the Trump administrations slander and racial targetting of minorities, the assault taking place on immigrants and refugees, the pipe bombs being delivered to 13 Democrats and critics of the president, the shooting of two black people by a white man in Kentucky which was racially motivated, the vitriol of the administration and hostility on the trans and intersex community and general lack of concern over the larger LGBT community, the war on feminist issues like abortion and freedom of control over one’s body, police brutality and racial disparities, and a slew of Islamophobia has left me with a desire to do more.

Initially, when the Trump administration took office, I had moments of debating within myself to try and understand, listen and hear the other side of the political spectrum, but what I’ve found, through countless conversations with conservatives, Christians, and Republicans alike, is that the rhetoric of the Trump administration is not the rhetoric of the majority. It is a small, ruthless, fear-mongering tactic to create further dissension and division within the country. What we need, now, more than ever is to build bridges and open lines of communication, person-to-person, to collectively understand and thoroughly know, that we are stronger together—and this rhetoric and violence will not be tolerated any longer—hence, The Giving Issue.

I know there are countless issues that are serious and worth taking the time towards understanding and highlighting, but the aforementioned issues were what initially came to mind. I know that I am just one person, and cannot fully learn all there is to learn about each issue within the span of a month, but instead of taking this on as a research project, I want to highlight and discuss ways that individuals are making a difference today. Please, please, please, (please) be patient with me, give me time to learn and grow, because at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all are trying to do?

In the past, I might have continued this introduction to the month by reiterating that the theme won’t be so literal and instead will be a smorgasbord of things ranging on and off topic, that way you won’t be deprived of the regular programming, BUT, because I haven’t been consistent in a while, fuck regular content. The month will be as literal as I can possibly make it. Take it or leave it.

In the meantime, if you feel so inclined to come up with insightful content ideas centered around the aforementioned topic, i.e., giving, please do so in the comment section. Also, if you are considering doing the most with me, hit me up! Slide in my DM’s! Let’s meet up and see if we can make November the most giving centered month possible. ALSO, IF YOU AREN’T REGISTERED TO VOTE, PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE FROM TOVA & WILD IMMEDIATELY, WE WILL NOT TOLERATE PASSIVE READERS, WE ONLY LIKE KEWL KIDS WHO VOTE, SO PLEASE CHECK YOUR TIMES AND GET OUT AND VOTE, AND IF YOU CAN DO IT EARLY, THEN DO IT, IT’S LITERALLY SO EASY, AND POLLS OPEN NEXT WEEK!

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