An Unlikely Case For Living In Hell

I‘ve been trying to really just summarize my feelings about climate change and every person who continues to not see the effects of it in the world, but honestly, I just don’t know if I can deal with the ignorance of it anymore. I myself, am not perfect. I have, once or twice, grabbed a water bottle, if I’ve forgotten my own, and although I’ve tried, occasionally the takeout Indian food I order gets delivered in plastic containers, but I am not unaware of the damage its ensuing on the world. 

It seems extremely depressing to sit there and think about this topic when most climate change scientists predict such devastating effects, hell, even the Trump administration, released its own report touting the impact of climate change on both humanity and the environment—but isn’t it necessary? 

Completely ignoring the information and choosing to exist in a world where the idea is completely unrealistic is ignorant—but, most people are entirely aware that climate change exists. In fact, 70% of Americans across the U.S. believe that climate change is happening, and although only 57% believe its caused by human activities, isn’t that enough motivation to create some sort of change in the system? 

I guess, even for myself, I just want to understand why we don’t take it as seriously? I have made my own meager attempt at making better environmental decisions by becoming a vegetarian, but is it enough? Is there some sort of psychological reasoning for just completely acting as if everything is going to be okay? Or, are we going to be those people that are in total chaos when the alarm goes off and it’s already too late. AGAIN, it sounds so pessimistic, and YES, the idea itself is pretty fucking bleak, but if ignorance is bliss then reality is hell, and we are already living in it. 

Image via Hotel Chavelier, Natalie Portman

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