ROYGBIV Is In the Hizzy

I can rant for a solid thousand words on why I hate winter—and, while throughout my blog there is similar rhetoric, and most likely has already surpassed one thousand words—I have decided to skip past the frustrated foreplay and nose dive right into the solution.


Color is the solution to winter.

Winter wardrobes, much like their scenic backdrops are starving for color. The sky you look unto is gray, the river alongside the gray pavement is grayish blue. The buildings are gray. The grass is dead. The trees have no color besides a grayish brown tone. Basically, everything in winter is starving for color, and yet, the majority of companies, brands, and the like, drape you in similar color palettes.

Wool coats are a combination of either black, grey, camel, or navy, and while it would be easy to simply throw on something colorful underneath, more often than not, your closet is a combination of the same palette. Winter feels so oppressive and overwhelmingly gloomy because almost everyone stands around looking at their closets adorned in a sea of grays and blacks and navys that encompass the feeling of being cold.

When you’re cold you want to be warm, however, the overcast that’s blocking the suns glorious rays from kissing your skin is causing your brain to forget what it feels like to be warm. So instead of reaching for that bright fuschia maxi that’s been sitting in your closet since last spring, you reach for the dark grey sweater that matches the dark gray sky outside. Winter is playing a fucking trick on us, and to be frank, I’m over it.

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