Showing Up for Yourself…Thoughts?

Wow, it’s been a minute since I’ve sat down and written anything, or even looked at my blog. A few months ago, it seemed like out of nowhere, Mercury left retrograde and all of a sudden I emerged forth out of my den, looking to write—only to be bogged down by a ton of work deadlines, the stress of moving across the country, potentially not having a place to stay in the transition, my dog (Apple’s) allergy flare ups, and dreaming about finding grey hairs in my head.

Needless to say, I’m back. Here I am. Freshly showered. Briogeo hair mask in my hair. *Not sponsored, although, I wouldn’t mind being a BA because I absolutely LOVE their products.* Almost living in my new apartment in LA, and fully embracing the sunny days, although, not actually embracing them because I’ve been having terrible skin flare ups whenever I go in the sun for more then 10 minutes. Nonetheless, here I am.

It’s nice to be back. I want to make more of a point at being back. Maybe, this is sort of a way of showing up for myself. Ya know? Like, instead of philosophizing on all of the mishegas of the world, I can just, sort of, show up for myself, here.

Are there ways you show up for yourself throughout the week? What do you do? Any of you, who still might be subscribed to this slacker. I need some inspiration. I need some motivation.

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One thought on “Showing Up for Yourself…Thoughts?

  1. Today I needed motivation more than any other day. I could feel the oozing of pain creeping in and yet at the same time I kept hearing the word….Momentum and right behind it was Motivation! I felt a little overwhelmed because I have so much on my plate so I decided to begin writing. writing for me he’s always been such a beautiful way to express myself and clear the cobwebs. I began writtmg on, of all things, momentum and motivation! I don’t I know exactly what brought me to your website but I am found myself here this morning! Well, actually I do know. This morning I found myself needing some inspiration motivation and momentum and I remembered an article you wrote and I was trying to Google it. That is when I ran across this.
    Thank you for taking the time to write this it reminded me why of not only why I need to continue taking the time to write but also why showing up for myself is so vital and what ways do I do it! How can I show up better? My why has always been a way I show up and another reason although it may seem silly is at the end of the day it makes me feel so good even when I complish the little things. I’ve learned to really appreciate the little things I can accomplish even when I don’t hit the mark completely I know I’m getting there and it makes me feel good about myself!
    I do hope I will find that article, I believe it was actually an article and also something you shared on one of your pod casts!
    Well momentum/motivation is calling I better run!!!!!


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