The Future of Fashun is Hand Painted Cellular Device Covers

Since the moment I received my first iPhone, I was enamored by the high gloss appeal of the machine—the simplicity of the design, the intrinsic beauty of modernity that it was—and immediately was dissatisfied with it, when my father slapped a thick black case on it. All of it’s beauty was taken away by this ugly case that clung to the phone like an oversized sweater. I hated it. Thus, began my string of failed relationship with phone cases ever since. I think, at this point, I’ve had more phone cases than I’ve had phones, and no matter what, I am constantly dissatisfied with the case. Either I pick something that is too bold and it feels like it’s clashing with my personal style, or I pick something clear that after a while starts to look dingy, I can’t seem to win.

And to this point, I have decided to simplify the whole breakup process by painting my phone case myself. That’s right folks, painting is the future of phone FASHUN.

Instead of a boring, pink, slightly dingy phone that was eventually going to end up in a landfill somewhere, I decided to up-cycle it. I know, it’s not a perfect solution to a problem, but it is one that inspires me creatively, got me thinking about how I can reuse and redecorate items according to my mood, and it totally works. Who knows, maybe I’ll start making these and all of a sudden you’ll see my scantily clad gentleman popping up near someones ear by you. Get it? Cos’ it’s a phone? AND you talk on them?

Wrong crowd?

It’s okay. I’m stopping now.

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