A Study on Utah, Moab More Specifically

Sometimes when life gets a little mundane Morgan and I love to take Mini Vacay’s to go hiking or to just get away. They almost always are unplanned, last minute, and change fifty times before we actually arrive at a destination; much like our trip to Utah. Utah offers a dizzying landscape that changes ratherContinue reading “A Study on Utah, Moab More Specifically”

My Simple Apple Crisp Recipe

The days seem to be getting shorter, the air seemingly cooler, and leaves are settling onto the ground like confetti left after a party, autumn is here. Perhaps some of you are not facing such realities, and 90-degree weather is still burning its way on and the season is not yet turning near you. EitherContinue reading “My Simple Apple Crisp Recipe”

Road Trips: 5 Tips and Tricks

Maybe it’s the slight chill in the fall air, or strolling down the street in new Keds; but there is something magical about fall that makes Californian’s realize, they need to travel and take off for a week before the holidays hit. While plane trips are the easiest ways to travel and my personal preference,Continue reading “Road Trips: 5 Tips and Tricks”