The New Activists To Do List

Enthusiastically, I decided to make November, The Giving Issue, primarily due out of a lack of complacency and a desire to get out and about here in Austin and meet new people, and while I can say my intention was clear, motivation is an entirely different thing. Since the presidential election, which is a whoppingContinue reading “The New Activists To Do List”

Simple Advice From Anne Perryman

A few days ago, I was attempting to get ready for my day, when I inevitably fell back into a solid white J.Crew t-shirt, Levis, and black Tod’s mules. I have dawned this outfit on a number of occasions, primarily out of a lack of options in my closet, but also out of sheer comfort.Continue reading “Simple Advice From Anne Perryman”

Solange Is My Best Friend, Even If We Aren’t IRL

Historically, I would have said that she is my icon, my idol, my goddess if you will, but why resort her as a best friend, a) because entire vibe can be quintessentially wrapped up in one single word, polymath, to which I aspire to one day describe myself, b) because her Instagram literally shakes meContinue reading “Solange Is My Best Friend, Even If We Aren’t IRL”

Who Is Your Style Icon?

Recently, I’ve never wanted to raid someone’s closet as badly as I do Giotto Calendoli’s. He plays around with different textures, materials, characters and does it looking like the Olsen twins ended up staying in Rome, marrying his cousin, and influencing his personal style while smoking long stem cigarettes and dreaming of world domination. OnContinue reading “Who Is Your Style Icon?”

Self Discovery of A Newly Minted Hat Person

I‘ll admit, I have always been interested in hats. I loved wearing bucket hats when I was little and walking around in my Osh-Kosh overalls. I love a good fitted cap and letting my inner bro shine. I love baseball hats, and beanies, but what I love more than any other hat is a largeContinue reading “Self Discovery of A Newly Minted Hat Person”

Late To the Party Because I Don’t Have A Smartwatch Yet 

I just bought a smartwatch for the very first time, and yes, I’m well aware that I am incredibly late to the party. The idea came from Morgan walking into my room and noticing that my posture was absolutely horrible. I was hunched over typing away at my computer to which I had been sittingContinue reading “Late To the Party Because I Don’t Have A Smartwatch Yet “

My First Day in Austin

Lately, I’ve been really trying to become more territorial over my Friday/Saturday Shabbat situation because most of the time my weekends are jam-packed with so many activities, chores, and things that are left over from the week. So when the landlord of our new apartment in Austin told us our move-in date was Friday theContinue reading “My First Day in Austin”

All The Things I Want for the Apartment I Haven’t Moved Into Yet

That’s right, I haven’t moved in yet, but really soon I will be officially a resident of Austin, Texas. I’m not sure Texas is ready for this Californian, or if this Californian is ready for Texas, but either way, I have already begun visualizing my new space. I know the layout, the location, the sizeContinue reading “All The Things I Want for the Apartment I Haven’t Moved Into Yet”

Italian Movies that Are Inspiring the ‘F’ Out of My Summer LEWK

“Elio, Elio, Elio,” Elio says, staring at Oliver. “Oliver, Oliver, Oliver,” Oliver says, staring at Elio. ‘Swoon, swoon, swoon,’ I say to myself. That’s what remained in my head after watching Call Me By Your Name, that, and it made me hate my iPhone and long for days sunbathing by the pool reading Gogol. When IContinue reading “Italian Movies that Are Inspiring the ‘F’ Out of My Summer LEWK”

I’ve Created a Summer Playlist

Summer is more than a day in the calendar year, it is a state of mind—it’s a feeling that overtakes you and fills you with warmth, joy, and sunlight. So, in lieu of summer being here and I’ve decided to come up with quarterly playlists to put you in the mood for the season. MusicContinue reading “I’ve Created a Summer Playlist”

Decorating Advice From Someone Who’s Moved Way Too Much

I have moved so much over the course of my life that I truly believe I hold absolutely all of the knowledge it takes to nest and decorate your home properly. I mean, over the course of 25 years of life I’ve deposited time, money, and energy into making each and every place I’ve livedContinue reading “Decorating Advice From Someone Who’s Moved Way Too Much”

Looking Good While Doing Good, Pride Month Is In Full Swing

Although June is Organization Month here at Tova & Wild, nationally known it is Pride Month, which means that brands across the globe are doubling down on rainbow themed and glitter filled products to adorn everyone’s beautiful bodies. And while I personally LOVE anything that embodies a shit-ton of color, LGBTQIA themes, or glitter, IContinue reading “Looking Good While Doing Good, Pride Month Is In Full Swing”

I’m Fully Aware How Insane This Is, But I Mean, C’mon

I understand that lifestyle blogs are sort of a way to present a life that is aspirational, which is really a weird sort of euphemism for making people envy you and shop accordingly, but at what point do we draw the line? By that I mean, if they are to be aspirational, then how much canContinue reading “I’m Fully Aware How Insane This Is, But I Mean, C’mon”