I’m Getting a Divorce from Inspiration

The more that I have given myself to writing and my creative ventures, the more I realize that inspiration is a fucking myth. Context: I had a moment last month where I realized all of August had gone to shit all because I wasn’t inspired and didn’t have a muse, I stumbled through my goalsContinue reading “I’m Getting a Divorce from Inspiration”

Feeling Stuck & Unmotivated, What the ‘F’ Do I Do?

Some mornings I will wake up, motivated to get the ball rolling and find myself hours later caught in a tidal wave of doubt, distraction, and indifference to my lack of motivation. Working from home lends itself to all sorts of weird conundrums that most people don’t have to deal with because they have theContinue reading “Feeling Stuck & Unmotivated, What the ‘F’ Do I Do?”

13 Aphorisms You Need to Include in Your Daily Routine

I was given a book a long time ago, by a friend who thought it would be a light-hearted read—it was—but, more than that, it turned out to be just the thing I needed to spark curiosity on a whole constellation of lifestyle topics that I never would have considered. Below are some aphorisms, inspiredContinue reading “13 Aphorisms You Need to Include in Your Daily Routine”

I’ll Just Say It, I Effing Hate Matcha

But more importantly, do people even green juice in the morning anymore? I slurped more of the tart kale smoothie that I had concocted in my blender just earlier this morning, and with each passing chunk of kale that had not been thoroughly blended, it occurred to me how rare it was now to see someoneContinue reading “I’ll Just Say It, I Effing Hate Matcha”

What I Realized After a Sleepless Night

My weekends are usually spent wandering around this new city Austin, finding new places to eat, and attempting the art of staying cool. This weekend was not unlike any other, except that for the first time, in a really long time, I was eager to get it over with. On the surface, I played itContinue reading “What I Realized After a Sleepless Night”

I Was Totally Buggin’

This past week, I felt personally deflated by my own need to define Tova and Wild. I worked hard over the past month, rewriting, thinking, and talking it over and over and over (and over) with Morgan to try and gain some sort of cognizance for the meaning behind the vision that I have forContinue reading “I Was Totally Buggin’”

Late To the Party Because I Don’t Have A Smartwatch Yet 

I just bought a smartwatch for the very first time, and yes, I’m well aware that I am incredibly late to the party. The idea came from Morgan walking into my room and noticing that my posture was absolutely horrible. I was hunched over typing away at my computer to which I had been sittingContinue reading “Late To the Party Because I Don’t Have A Smartwatch Yet “

It’s Beyoncé’s Birthday So Here Is Your Goodie Bag!

Can we just literally do a temperature check? Like, is it still 90 degrees here in Austin, Texas while clearly being Beyoncé’s Birthday, and like, September? I’m sorry, but this Californian is definitely not used to this weather. Also, like, what the hell is up with the severity of the rain here? I can’t. I’mContinue reading “It’s Beyoncé’s Birthday So Here Is Your Goodie Bag!”

Answering the Call

Welcome to September, The Purpose Issue After driving around to three coffee shops this morning, trying to find a seat at a table to “look pretentious,” as Carrie Bradshaw puts it, and pen the great American novel, I finally found a spot, right next to a charger, in the corner, beside an open window. IContinue reading “Answering the Call”

August is Officially the Worst Month Ever

If August taught me anything, it’s that the best laid plans of mice and men, oft’ go awry. Remember that old saying by Robert Burns you were forced to learn in Literature class in third grade? ‘No.’ Just me? August has taught me exactly that. As intentional as you want to be and as optimisticContinue reading “August is Officially the Worst Month Ever”

Read This If You’ve Been Thinking About Zero Waste

There is, inside of me, a small woman wearing Birkenstocks with flowers in her hair screaming at me every time I throw away a plastic bottle into a trash bin because there is no convenient recycle bin nearby. I’d like to think that she has always lived there, growing from my childhood where I wouldContinue reading “Read This If You’ve Been Thinking About Zero Waste”

I am What I Say That I am

For whatever reason, a memory came up the other night of a moment where I was on a date, with a now ex, when a woman came up to our table and started gasping. Clearly intoxicated, she was staring, gasping, and struggling to form words when she finally introduced herself as a psychic—then proceeding toContinue reading “I am What I Say That I am”

I Tried Living Like Gwyneth Paltrow For a Month & I’ve Officially Out LA’d Myself Pt. 2

Everything you need to know about detoxing and clean eating can be summed up by the wellness goddess of the world, Gwyneth Paltrow. A while ago, I attempted to fast track my gut health, restore my skin to its former youthful glow, and potentially shed a few pounds, but what I learned along the wayContinue reading “I Tried Living Like Gwyneth Paltrow For a Month & I’ve Officially Out LA’d Myself Pt. 2”