An Unlikely Case For Living In Hell

I‘ve been trying to really just summarize my feelings about climate change and every person who continues to not see the effects of it in the world, but honestly, I just don’t know if I can deal with the ignorance of it anymore. I myself, am not perfect. I have, once or twice, grabbed aContinue reading “An Unlikely Case For Living In Hell”

Saying Goodbye To November & Hello To December

Welcome to the end of the month wrap up that never happened, and the beginning of the month intro that is currently not fully formed. Here’s the thing, November ended in a dysfunctional way. November is always a sort of a weird month for me and usually consists of a range of emotions commonly associatedContinue reading “Saying Goodbye To November & Hello To December”

Psychics and Soapboxes

To be perfectly frank, I hadn’t worked on any type of blog post or personal essay for about a week straight. To be perfectly frank, it was a much-needed break from the recesses of my mind in order to join the world of the living. To be perfectly frank, it is equally if not moreContinue reading “Psychics and Soapboxes”