Love At First Sight

That is the feeling I felt when I saw these chairs, love. I love the clean lines, the minimalism, the simplicity of the structure, and the effortless way they go with everything. HOWEVER, and that’s a big however, they are sort of in bad shape. The frame of the chairs are made from metal, andContinue reading “Love At First Sight”

Decorating Advice From Someone Who’s Moved Way Too Much

I have moved so much over the course of my life that I truly believe I hold absolutely all of the knowledge it takes to nest and decorate your home properly. I mean, over the course of 25 years of life I’ve deposited time, money, and energy into making each and every place I’ve livedContinue reading “Decorating Advice From Someone Who’s Moved Way Too Much”

Warm Woods & Happy Yellows

I absolutely love this home. The full article is one that I would definitely suggest reading, viewing, worshipping, but in my unqualified way, I am going to try and deliver this look to you. So much of the charm of this space is in the prints and patterns that are at play, but its alsoContinue reading “Warm Woods & Happy Yellows”

Style Icon, Actress, and Interior Designer, Diane Keaton

    I remember the first time I watched a Diane Keaton in the Godfather. I loved her character because my father is Italian, and I never totally related or felt culturally Italian. I always identified with my mother’s Jewish or otherwise non-cultural Americanized form of living. I felt like an outsider in my familyContinue reading “Style Icon, Actress, and Interior Designer, Diane Keaton”

The Warmth of Fall in Sunny California

Oh, fall, that somewhat magical time of the year when my hair gets oily, my skin gets dry, and no matter how many layers I wear I can never get warm enough. I obviously realize how ridiculous that sounds when I live in one of the most beautiful places in the country that literally hasContinue reading “The Warmth of Fall in Sunny California”

Monochromatic is My Jam

Monochromatic decor has really been appealing to me lately. The devil is in the detail. Textures, patterns, visual interest is all important when considering a monochromatic theme and this room is done flawlessly. Despite the fact that the walls are adorned with molding and paneling that is oh so Parisienne, but also there is thisContinue reading “Monochromatic is My Jam”

The Not So Chic Studio Apartment

Your home is essentially a way in which you should be able to express your personality. In its most ideal form, it should in some way signal how you interpret yourself and should likely be an extension of you. That is more or less all saying the same thing, however right now my apartment isContinue reading “The Not So Chic Studio Apartment”

Stranger Than Fiction, a Reality Check Into Studio Living

About a month ago Morgan and I moved into a new apartment. Although we have been roommates for a little over four years now, this move felt a little bit scarier and bigger than any of our previous moves, despite the fact that we would be moving into the smallest apartment we have ever hadContinue reading “Stranger Than Fiction, a Reality Check Into Studio Living”

The Kansas City Kitchen Remodel

A good friend of mine recently purchased their first home in Kansas City. Along with that, they took on the responsibility of refinishing the wood floors, painting the interior/exterior re-designing the kitchen. Needless to say, it is a large task for a first time home buyer. I offered to lend my hand to the projectContinue reading “The Kansas City Kitchen Remodel”