The Future of Fashun is Hand Painted Cellular Device Covers

Since the moment I received my first iPhone, I was enamored by the high gloss appeal of the machine—the simplicity of the design, the intrinsic beauty of modernity that it was—and immediately was dissatisfied with it, when my father slapped a thick black case on it. All of it’s beauty was taken away by thisContinue reading “The Future of Fashun is Hand Painted Cellular Device Covers”

Simple Advice From Anne Perryman

A few days ago, I was attempting to get ready for my day, when I inevitably fell back into a solid white J.Crew t-shirt, Levis, and black Tod’s mules. I have dawned this outfit on a number of occasions, primarily out of a lack of options in my closet, but also out of sheer comfort.Continue reading “Simple Advice From Anne Perryman”

Who Is Your Style Icon?

Recently, I’ve never wanted to raid someone’s closet as badly as I do Giotto Calendoli’s. He plays around with different textures, materials, characters and does it looking like the Olsen twins ended up staying in Rome, marrying his cousin, and influencing his personal style while smoking long stem cigarettes and dreaming of world domination. OnContinue reading “Who Is Your Style Icon?”

Late To the Party Because I Don’t Have A Smartwatch Yet 

I just bought a smartwatch for the very first time, and yes, I’m well aware that I am incredibly late to the party. The idea came from Morgan walking into my room and noticing that my posture was absolutely horrible. I was hunched over typing away at my computer to which I had been sittingContinue reading “Late To the Party Because I Don’t Have A Smartwatch Yet “

Italian Movies that Are Inspiring the ‘F’ Out of My Summer LEWK

“Elio, Elio, Elio,” Elio says, staring at Oliver. “Oliver, Oliver, Oliver,” Oliver says, staring at Elio. ‘Swoon, swoon, swoon,’ I say to myself. That’s what remained in my head after watching Call Me By Your Name, that, and it made me hate my iPhone and long for days sunbathing by the pool reading Gogol. When IContinue reading “Italian Movies that Are Inspiring the ‘F’ Out of My Summer LEWK”

Organize Your Life By the Stars

The thing with trying to be organized in order to be productive is that the majority of the time anyone actually tries to be organized, usually end up less productive because they are too busy looking up ways to be organized. Just me? I think starting Organization Month my goal was to also get myContinue reading “Organize Your Life By the Stars”

Looking Good While Doing Good, Pride Month Is In Full Swing

Although June is Organization Month here at Tova & Wild, nationally known it is Pride Month, which means that brands across the globe are doubling down on rainbow themed and glitter filled products to adorn everyone’s beautiful bodies. And while I personally LOVE anything that embodies a shit-ton of color, LGBTQIA themes, or glitter, IContinue reading “Looking Good While Doing Good, Pride Month Is In Full Swing”

Leopard Print: Flashy? Or Trashy?

Leopard print is one of those things in fashion that people love or hate—there is no in-between. For most of my life, my opinion on the print has been associated with a longing to be viewed as subtle, collegiate, and even J. Crew inspired, yet, since the start of 2016 my opinion on the printContinue reading “Leopard Print: Flashy? Or Trashy?”

Love Handles, S1 E12: The Subject of Personal Style

Welcome back to Thursdays with Love Handles. I know this month is all about change, but lately, everything seems to float in the air, instead of progressing forward—meaning “Change Month” is a bust. In actuality, I guess the greatest way to embrace change is to just allow things to progress naturally, and embrace the chaos,Continue reading “Love Handles, S1 E12: The Subject of Personal Style”

Things I Do In LA

When thinking about this topic I was struggling a little bit because LA is home, so when I think of things I do, it never feels extraordinary or magical, it sort of just feels normal. However, there are a lot of things that I do and feel comfortable doing, that I would otherwise think twiceContinue reading “Things I Do In LA”

An Ode to Thick Hair

When I was very young, my hair looked very fine and very straight, that it is almost insane to think about it considering the thick mane that I have now. Until the age of five, my mother decided to give me the ever stylish bowl cut, complete with matching Osh Kosh overalls and all. Then,Continue reading “An Ode to Thick Hair”

Spring Trends You Can Find at Every Thrift Store

To the Barefoot Contessa, the word ‘elevate’ always means adding lobster to a meal—if you don’t happen to be Ina Garten, the task of elevation isn’t always meal based, but the majority of the time it relates to clothing, more specifically, how to elevate your clothing? Even more specific than that, how to elevate yourContinue reading “Spring Trends You Can Find at Every Thrift Store”

This Information Might Make You Rethink Those Leggings

A friend of mine slid into my DM’s a while ago with a picture and a compliment to a post I wrote a while back on the topic of athleisure. He shared with me how his style had evolved from looking like a GAP ad to now being influenced by streetwear in LA and howContinue reading “This Information Might Make You Rethink Those Leggings”