A Not Entirely Classic Hummus

It might seem like a tad overdone and slightly unnecessary to start putting another food blog out into the universe, but I’d like to think of this as my own personal journey with food, and if you’d like to join along, then so be it. Does that make it any less over done? No. WillContinue reading “A Not Entirely Classic Hummus”

Caramelized Beet Aleppo Salad

Every November I am confronted by the bitter cold when I wake up the morning and realize that my lips are so cracked, not even Burts Bees could help. I hate it. I dread these moments whenever they happen because I realize that I need to start bundling up, throwing on large jackets, and worryingContinue reading “Caramelized Beet Aleppo Salad”

Chipotle Shiitake Tofu Bahn Mi

It’s been a while since I posted an explicit recipe post, but as I was going over things this weekend, for Tova & Wild, I realized the one thing that I miss most about eating animals was a good old-fashioned Bahn Mi. When I decided to go vegetarian, it wasn’t a decision that just cameContinue reading “Chipotle Shiitake Tofu Bahn Mi”

A Case Against Cheese

This story begins as most stories begin, sitting at a coffee shop, fiddling between the occasional notification on my iPhone, scrolling through Instagram feeds, and attempting to drink my coffee while it’s hot. Most of my stories begin with this same introduction, and yet, this one feels different. Why does it feel different you ask?Continue reading “A Case Against Cheese”

I Started Hang Drying My Herbs and Oh My God, Why Wasn’t I Doing This Earlier?

I have gone to the store a number of times to buy fresh herbs and have found myself throwing them out immediately after they wilt. Why, oh, why have I literally never thought of hang drying them? Not only is it the easiest thing in the world, but it also is like, hella beautiful andContinue reading “I Started Hang Drying My Herbs and Oh My God, Why Wasn’t I Doing This Earlier?”

I’ll Just Say It, I Effing Hate Matcha

But more importantly, do people even green juice in the morning anymore? I slurped more of the tart kale smoothie that I had concocted in my blender just earlier this morning, and with each passing chunk of kale that had not been thoroughly blended, it occurred to me how rare it was now to see someoneContinue reading “I’ll Just Say It, I Effing Hate Matcha”

Shiitake Tofu & Whole Grains

I love take-out Chinese food. It’s by far my favorite thing to order, I’m always craving it, and I blame half of this love on watching too much SATC and my grandparents. However, I can honestly say, and I know that I will probably get some haters, but Austin doesn’t have good take-out, or ChineseContinue reading “Shiitake Tofu & Whole Grains”