Here Are the Top 6 Stories on Tova & Wild This October

A poem for the month of October, because I couldn’t come up with a better way to describe The Friendship Issue other than through the means of poetry. Hot and cold, rainy and crisp, the cool leaves prance on the ground kissing each stone as they pass along. October is for you and me, forContinue reading “Here Are the Top 6 Stories on Tova & Wild This October”

Leopard Print: Flashy? Or Trashy?

Leopard print is one of those things in fashion that people love or hate—there is no in-between. For most of my life, my opinion on the print has been associated with a longing to be viewed as subtle, collegiate, and even J. Crew inspired, yet, since the start of 2016 my opinion on the printContinue reading “Leopard Print: Flashy? Or Trashy?”