I Know, I Know, I Know…

I’ve been M.I.A. for a while now. You see, the thing is, sometimes you need a little break from the routine of writing and putting yourself out there in such a vulnerable and complex way. Sometimes, the holidays are so constipated with drama and tension that you need more time to detox. Sometimes, the newContinue reading “I Know, I Know, I Know…”

Updating Your Prescription and Investing in Some Vision Glasses

I honestly hate the idea of vision boards. I have hated them for a really long time, since probably the time they first became really cool and trendy, and then even after they stopped being cool and trendy. This, in part, was due to an early experience with them from my middle school counselor whoContinue reading “Updating Your Prescription and Investing in Some Vision Glasses”

New Year! New Problems. New Outlook?

The end of December always marks the time when you start to consider how the previous year was, and what the future year will hopefully look like. Often, we reflect on how things went, like your career, your relationships, your financial situation, and we sort of set plans to make the next year different fromContinue reading “New Year! New Problems. New Outlook?”

The New Year is Here, So Now What

How were your New Year’s Eve celebrations? Did you stay in? Did you go out? I stayed in, with my family and played poker, danced, and brought the New Year in with Peach Bellini from Trader Joe’s. Then as soon as the New Year came in I wanted to go straight to bed because IContinue reading “The New Year is Here, So Now What”