I’m Trying to Get Through Winter, But I Desperately Need Help.

There are exactly 37 days, 4 hours, and 20 minutes until spring. Obviously, by the time this is posted on Tova & Wild that time will be cut down by a few days, hours, and/or minutes. Needless to say, I hate winter. I don’t like the cold, I don’t like the rain, I don’t likeContinue reading “I’m Trying to Get Through Winter, But I Desperately Need Help.”

I Was Totally Buggin’

This past week, I felt personally deflated by my own need to define Tova and Wild. I worked hard over the past month, rewriting, thinking, and talking it over and over and over (and over) with Morgan to try and gain some sort of cognizance for the meaning behind the vision that I have forContinue reading “I Was Totally Buggin’”

A Lesson I Learned Over a Morning Cup of Coffee

I was sitting at one of my new favorite local coffee shops here in Austin, Patika, and it finally dawned on me that this whole journey into holistic living, never really had a tipping point. It was more or less a slow crawl from one thing to the next until it finally became the mainContinue reading “A Lesson I Learned Over a Morning Cup of Coffee”

Organization Month Wrap Up

That’s right folks, Organization Month will officially come to an end this weekend. To some, this could be a sense of relief, having flailed around all month trying to stay organized. For others, this could be a success, having risen to the occasion and overcome your own personal struggles to stay and be organized. Regardless,Continue reading “Organization Month Wrap Up”

Kickin’ Ass and Takin’ Risks

Anyone that has known me, knows that I am never in the same place for too long. I blame this partially on my restless Sagittarian heart and the fact that my parents moved so much growing up. I also just feel like the spontaneity of picking up an relocating is somewhat exciting—I think this meansContinue reading “Kickin’ Ass and Takin’ Risks”

Love Handles, S1E9: Get Your Sh** Together

That’s right folks, you heard it here, first. After hibernating for the winter, it’s (un)officially time to get everything else in our lives together so that we can enter into the summer months full speed ahead. I mean, its already April 12th, so the month is almost halfway through, but that doesn’t mean that itContinue reading “Love Handles, S1E9: Get Your Sh** Together”

To Shave or Not To Shave, That is the Conundrum

The first time I shaved my face I was thirteen. I remember watching my dad shave his face for so long, that curiosity got the better of me and I did what most thirteen-year-old boys do, attempted to shave my face. Although there basically nothing on my face, I made it through nick-free and wasContinue reading “To Shave or Not To Shave, That is the Conundrum”

I Tried to Get a Divorce from my iPhone & It Was the Most Difficult Thing I’ve Done All Year

There is a cynical part of me that is immediately judging the title of the post and rolling my eyes because of two reasons, we are barely coming to the end of the first month and divorce implies that I am married to my phone, to which I have not been legally married. BUT ITContinue reading “I Tried to Get a Divorce from my iPhone & It Was the Most Difficult Thing I’ve Done All Year”