A Not Entirely Classic Hummus

It might seem like a tad overdone and slightly unnecessary to start putting another food blog out into the universe, but I’d like to think of this as my own personal journey with food, and if you’d like to join along, then so be it. Does that make it any less over done? No. WillContinue reading “A Not Entirely Classic Hummus”

Caramelized Beet Aleppo Salad

Every November I am confronted by the bitter cold when I wake up the morning and realize that my lips are so cracked, not even Burts Bees could help. I hate it. I dread these moments whenever they happen because I realize that I need to start bundling up, throwing on large jackets, and worryingContinue reading “Caramelized Beet Aleppo Salad”

Shiitake Tofu & Whole Grains

I love take-out Chinese food. It’s by far my favorite thing to order, I’m always craving it, and I blame half of this love on watching too much SATC and my grandparents. However, I can honestly say, and I know that I will probably get some haters, but Austin doesn’t have good take-out, or ChineseContinue reading “Shiitake Tofu & Whole Grains”

Collard Green Hummus Wraps

These puppies are inspired by a detox I did a while ago and although they are not entirely approved by the rules of the detox—I’m looking at you sliced tomatoes, almost everything else is a-okay. And while the ingredients lend on the spicy side, the coolness of the lemon tahini and the sweetness of theContinue reading “Collard Green Hummus Wraps”

Summer Falafel Salad

Falafels are one food that is especially sacred to me. Oftentimes I will try them at restaurants and will find that they are either too crunchy or too dry and the mixture tastes as if it has been sitting in a bowl in their refrigerator overnight. Very rarely do I find excellent falafels, but whenContinue reading “Summer Falafel Salad”

Simple Coq au Vin

This is by far one of my favorite meals to make. It’s surprisingly really easy, doesn’t have a lot of ingredients, and can make boring chicken into a masterpiece. Typically, this dish is made well in advance, allowing time for the chicken to marinate in the wine long enough for the flavor to soak in,Continue reading “Simple Coq au Vin”

My Simple Apple Crisp Recipe

The days seem to be getting shorter, the air seemingly cooler, and leaves are settling onto the ground like confetti left after a party, autumn is here. Perhaps some of you are not facing such realities, and 90-degree weather is still burning its way on and the season is not yet turning near you. EitherContinue reading “My Simple Apple Crisp Recipe”