Simple Advice From Anne Perryman

A few days ago, I was attempting to get ready for my day, when I inevitably fell back into a solid white J.Crew t-shirt, Levis, and black Tod’s mules. I have dawned this outfit on a number of occasions, primarily out of a lack of options in my closet, but also out of sheer comfort.Continue reading “Simple Advice From Anne Perryman”

Looking Good While Doing Good, Pride Month Is In Full Swing

Although June is Organization Month here at Tova & Wild, nationally known it is Pride Month, which means that brands across the globe are doubling down on rainbow themed and glitter filled products to adorn everyone’s beautiful bodies. And while I personally LOVE anything that embodies a shit-ton of color, LGBTQIA themes, or glitter, IContinue reading “Looking Good While Doing Good, Pride Month Is In Full Swing”