What Are Some of Your Thanksgiving Traditions?

As cliche as it is to dedicate a whole blog post to Thanksgiving on the eve of the national holiday rife with turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, it feels really important for me to look into some of the traditions coupled with the holiday.  Growing up, I don’t have many memories surrounding Thanksgiving, other thanContinue reading “What Are Some of Your Thanksgiving Traditions?”

It Took A ‘Friendsgiving’ Dinner to Make Me Realize I’m Still Affected By the Friends Who Dumped Me

I know some asshole who didn’t have a heart said “time heals all wounds,” and “you’ll get over it eventually,” and “you’ll meet someone new,” but it’s been over three years and I am still affected by the friends who dumped me. Time has not soothed an aching heart, and that wound is looking aContinue reading “It Took A ‘Friendsgiving’ Dinner to Make Me Realize I’m Still Affected By the Friends Who Dumped Me”

A Very LA Thanksgiving

This year will be a different Thanksgiving than any other year. For the first time, it will not be stressful. No, I’m totally serious. It’s not going to be stressful. For the most part, every Thanksgiving prior to this Thanksgiving has been a situation built upon chaos, gluttony, and stressful family members. This year, itContinue reading “A Very LA Thanksgiving”

I’m Definitely Vibing on This Whole Thankfulness Thing

Writing about thankfulness only a few days before Thanksgiving seems a little long overdue and at the same time platitudinous. Yet, despite the fact that both of those statements are true, here I am. Thankfulness is kind of a funny thing, oftentimes it comes in the simplest way—in response to someone holding a door openContinue reading “I’m Definitely Vibing on This Whole Thankfulness Thing”