A Not Entirely Classic Hummus

It might seem like a tad overdone and slightly unnecessary to start putting another food blog out into the universe, but I’d like to think of this as my own personal journey with food, and if you’d like to join along, then so be it. Does that make it any less over done? No. WillContinue reading “A Not Entirely Classic Hummus”

Saying Goodbye To November & Hello To December

Welcome to the end of the month wrap up that never happened, and the beginning of the month intro that is currently not fully formed. Here’s the thing, November ended in a dysfunctional way. November is always a sort of a weird month for me and usually consists of a range of emotions commonly associatedContinue reading “Saying Goodbye To November & Hello To December”

Late To the Party Because I Don’t Have A Smartwatch Yet 

I just bought a smartwatch for the very first time, and yes, I’m well aware that I am incredibly late to the party. The idea came from Morgan walking into my room and noticing that my posture was absolutely horrible. I was hunched over typing away at my computer to which I had been sittingContinue reading “Late To the Party Because I Don’t Have A Smartwatch Yet “

August is Officially the Worst Month Ever

If August taught me anything, it’s that the best laid plans of mice and men, oft’ go awry. Remember that old saying by Robert Burns you were forced to learn in Literature class in third grade? ‘No.’ Just me? August has taught me exactly that. As intentional as you want to be and as optimisticContinue reading “August is Officially the Worst Month Ever”

I Tried Living Like Gwyneth Paltrow For a Month & I’ve Officially Out LA’d Myself Pt. 2

Everything you need to know about detoxing and clean eating can be summed up by the wellness goddess of the world, Gwyneth Paltrow. A while ago, I attempted to fast track my gut health, restore my skin to its former youthful glow, and potentially shed a few pounds, but what I learned along the wayContinue reading “I Tried Living Like Gwyneth Paltrow For a Month & I’ve Officially Out LA’d Myself Pt. 2”

The ‘G’ Issue

On July 30th, 2018, I sat in front of my computer staring, once again, at a blank screen, until I finally got so bored I clicked through a few links and landed on The New York Times Magazine homepage—it’s featured article, How Goop’s Haters Made Gwyneth Paltrow’s Company Worth $250 Million. One click and several scrollsContinue reading “The ‘G’ Issue”

My First Day in Austin

Lately, I’ve been really trying to become more territorial over my Friday/Saturday Shabbat situation because most of the time my weekends are jam-packed with so many activities, chores, and things that are left over from the week. So when the landlord of our new apartment in Austin told us our move-in date was Friday theContinue reading “My First Day in Austin”

On Decided to Quit Instagram

I wouldn’t say that I am someone who spends a lot of time on Instagram or social media for that matter. Since April, I have permanently deleted my Facebook account, removed Twitter from my phone entirely, and thought every damn day about permanently deleting my Instagram account. I started thinking about doing this a whileContinue reading “On Decided to Quit Instagram”

My Crystals Come from a 7 Year Old in Myanmar, Where Do Yours Come From?

I have absolutely nothing against healing crystals. If you want to believe they heal, bring love, and guard against negative energy—although scientifically untrue—that’s fine, I’m a huge believer in the benefits of the placebo effect. In fact, I find them quite beautiful and have even purchased my own once or twice—and while I haven’t usedContinue reading “My Crystals Come from a 7 Year Old in Myanmar, Where Do Yours Come From?”