I Don’t Want to Subscribe to Instant Gratification Anymore.

I think the most difficult thing about being a writer is actually writing. For any writer, but mostly just myself, the task is something I thoroughly enjoy and loathe with my entire being. It’s like pulling teeth, literally—because the process is pain and torture, but in the end, it’s good because the pain goes awayContinue reading “I Don’t Want to Subscribe to Instant Gratification Anymore.”

Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really, Want.

I was listening to a podcast the other day about artists being honest with themselves and answering the question, ‘what do I want?’ At first, I was completely thrown off by the question because the host was talking about it in such a narrow way. He basically was saying, if you’re not working on yourContinue reading “Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really, Want.”

Feeling Stuck & Unmotivated, What the ‘F’ Do I Do?

Some mornings I will wake up, motivated to get the ball rolling and find myself hours later caught in a tidal wave of doubt, distraction, and indifference to my lack of motivation. Working from home lends itself to all sorts of weird conundrums that most people don’t have to deal with because they have theContinue reading “Feeling Stuck & Unmotivated, What the ‘F’ Do I Do?”

I Got Over My FOMO This Week, & All I Got Was Peace of Mind, Oh Wait.

FO·MO noun. anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website. “I realized I was a lifelong sufferer of FOMO” Organization Month is in nearing an end and while that has been helpful, it has also made me blatantly aware of the factContinue reading “I Got Over My FOMO This Week, & All I Got Was Peace of Mind, Oh Wait.”

15 Attempts at Getting Your Shit Together

April is coming to a close, literally, in like a day, and hopefully, you are either one step closer to having your shit together—or if you are like me, you are probably flailing in the wind somewhere. If I’ve learned anything this month, I have learned that getting one’s shit together is both idealistic andContinue reading “15 Attempts at Getting Your Shit Together”

Astrologically Speaking, Get Your Career Together

The thing with astrology is that for the most part, I don’t believe anything regarding the fact that stars dictate the future, present, past, or relate in any way to the development of a personality for anyone. The only thing that it does for me is it helps feed that vanity chip in my brainContinue reading “Astrologically Speaking, Get Your Career Together”

Love Handles, S1 E7: The Rebel Without A Cause

This week’s episode of Love Handles is pretty weird: I recorded it on my recently purchased microphone with a slight hangover from simply not drinking enough water the day before, after procrastinating for like, a week to finally make it, and yet, it is an episode about productivity and accomplishments. I know that sounds rather paradoxical,Continue reading “Love Handles, S1 E7: The Rebel Without A Cause”